Author Visits

Ginjer is an experienced and lively school, library, and conference presenter, who has appeared at more than 200 elementary schools, regional reading and writing conferences, statewide book festivals, many bookstores and libraries, and even a zoo.

Animals Are Fun!

Ginjer reads short books, plays a true-or-false listening game, leads the kids in an animal pretending game, and gives brief information about her background and the book process. For grades K-1 (30-45 minutes).

Buena Vista Elementary, 2010

Buena Vista Elementary, 2010

Really Reading

This program has more discussion about the book process from concept to publication. It includes longer, selected book readings with background anecdotes, interactive questions, and a question-and-answer session. For grades 2-3 (45 minutes).

PS 46 Brooklyn, 2016

PS 46 Brooklyn, 2016

Let’s Get Writing!

The same as the Really Reading program but with a fun 15-minute writing workshop and a more in-depth discussion of the research and revision processes. For grades 4-5 (45-60 minutes).

Bon Air Elementary, 2014

Bon Air Elementary, 2014

Young Authors’ Club

This 60-minute small group session (about 20-25 selected grade 4-5 students) gives promising young writers a chance to get feedback and meet the author in a more intimate, casual setting. Discussion and activities include journal writing, “show don’t tell” writing, and revision tips. Each student receives a signed bookmark and individual instruction and encouragement.

Dare Elementary, 2016

Dare Elementary, 2016

Family Literacy Night

Many schools have a Title I requirement to include parents in literacy activities, but they struggle with ways to entice families back to school for an evening program. Ginjer’s family-friendly reading night is a proven hit for getting kids and parents engaged with reading. She gives an overview of her background and how she researches and writes her books, and then she discusses five activities that parents can do with their kids to foster a love of reading nonfiction, complete with interactive reader’s theater that is always entertaining! She also provides handouts of these tips for parents to take home and bookmarks for all kids. This program is a great opportunity for kids to meet the author and get their books signed in-person. Providing pizza for families and/or making it a pajama party adds to the fun and memorable night.


Watkins Elementary, 2008

Ginjer will give up to four presentations per day. Group sizes should be limited to no more than 200 students per session to keep the presentations intimate and interactive. For schools within a one-hour driving distance of Richmond, Virginia, the fee is $200 per session ($800 per day). That’s only $1 per student! Presentations within a two-hour driving distance are $250 per session ($1,000 per day). Schools three hours or more from Richmond are $300 per session ($1,200 per day) plus travel expenses, if necessary.

Family literacy night programs are the same as the cost of one program if adding on to a full-day school visit, or the cost of two sessions if scheduling as an evening event only.

Smaller schools close to each other can share a full day, and a half day can be arranged in Richmond or when the author is already in the requested area. Travel expenses can be shared when two or more schools book together. And sometimes hotels are not necessary when the author has family or friends nearby, so please ask! All fees include driving mileage and any additional time needed for book signing.

Schools that book a full day will receive a free set of signed books (an $82 value!) to use for publicity and then keep for the school. When a visit is booked, the school will receive a complete packet of planning materials. Schools can purchase books directly from the publisher at a 40% discount and offer them for sale to students in advance of the author visit. Ginjer will personalize and sign all pre-ordered books on the day(s) of her visit (or during the literacy night program).

For more information and to request a visit for your school, please contact Ginjer here.

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