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  1. Hello Mrs.Clarke! When you came to Crestwood Elementary last week,I had a question but there wasn`t time for me to ask and I have an idea for a book an I was wondering if you could write what animals do when they are sad,angry,happy,dissapointed and stuff;and the book can be called animals have feeling too. Thanks,Tori

  2. dear Ginjer, you came to my school. Just to let you know me and my sister loved it! Please write back!

  3. Hi, Meghan! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my visit. I had a great time talking with all of you too. I think naked mole rats are kind of cute, don’t you?

  4. Tori, I can tell that you are a true animal lover. I agree that animals have feelings too, but scientists are not sure about how to explain and describe these feelings since animals can’t communicate with words like we can. We don’t know for sure if they feel angry or happy, so we try to describe their actions more than their emotions. I think this would be a great topic for you to do research on though, as scientists are learning more about animals’ emotions every day. Thanks for thinking big!

  5. Hi Ginjer!(or Mrs.Clarke)About the last message I went to the store and I found this really cool book. It`s called 101Animal Secrets (sooo awsome!). It has cool facts like did you know chimps smile when they`re scared,or chameleons change color when they are terrified. Well I hope you type back soon. Bye!

  6. Hi Ginjer, I’m Caroline you came to my school today and taught us a few things about your books and I really liked it and I had a really cool ida about a book you could right.I was thinking about bison and how strong it is and you could do a book called [ Very strong animals]Think about it if you like it that would be really cool.Type me back soon.Bye

  7. Hi, Caroline. Thanks for writing and for the cool idea. I had a great time visiting with you at Gayton yesterday, and I’m so glad you enjoyed my books. Happy Reading!

  8. Hi Ms.Clarke i loved your visit to our school today(skipwith) im the girl that took a picture with you i have a question what do the biggest and baddest lizard’s acid do to other animals?

  9. Hi, Hannah. I enjoyed visiting with you at Skipwith too. The Komodo dragon doesn’t generally attack live animals, but its saliva does help it to eat decaying animals. Gross, I know. Thanks for writing to me, and Happy Reading!

  10. hey ginjer i loved when u came to my school Enderly Heights elementry today im a big fan i love u book what is the grossest thang that u have wrote about in GROSS OUT!!

  11. Thanks, Hope. I had a great time visiting your school, and I’m so glad that you enjoy my books. I think the grossest thing I’ve written about is actually helminths (tiny worms that eat the food in other animals’ intestines), in my new book Watch Out! If you love the gross stuff, check it out in May. Happy Reading!

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