Gross Out!

Posted on Oct 5, 2006 | 21 comments

GrossOut2Did you know that the horned lizard squirts blood out of its eyes to scare off predators? Learn more about this creature as well as the leech, the naked mole rat, the hagfish, and many more creepy critters in this sickening and super science book. Not for the faint of heart, this revolting reader will be a favorite among boys and everyone interested in the strange and unusual!

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  1. Dear Ginger, I really liked Gross Out.i like your books. I am from Elkton Elementary School. THANK YOU for coming to my scool.PLEASE WRITE BACK. love Jada

  2. Thanks, Jada! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about gross animals. I think you will love WATCH OUT! about dangerous animals when it comes out next year. Happy Reading!

  3. ginger this book is very disgusting but it is a good book I am from Elkton Elementary school PLEASE WRITE BACK! from colton allison

  4. Hi. I am Olivia. I really enjoyed you coming to my school, Greenfield, today. I really liked “Gross Out”. I hope you visit my school again soon.

  5. Thanks, Olivia! I had a great time visiting your school today and would love to come back another time after I have some more new books to share with you all. Happy Reading!

  6. Mrs. Clarke Gross Out is a disgusting book but it’s Cool Thank You sooooooooooooo much for writing books!!

  7. I’m so glad you like Gross Out! Thanks for reading.

  8. Mrs.Clarke I’m very happy you responded to my letter thanks a lot.
    I can’t wait to read your new books.

  9. Were is the picture of your dog.

  10. Ms.Clark i loved your baby otter book! Im so excited to read your new books! i am sorry for im,i coudent find a top comma!

  11. Thanks, Anabel! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about river otters.

  12. Hi, Anabel. Click on the About Ginjer page and you will see pictures of my silly pets. Enjoy!

  13. Hi Ginger thanks for coming to my school today me and my bff found 2 of your out! books grossout! and black out!.I LOVE animals. BJ is so cute!(Callie and Little Mac too).PLEASE write back I have LOADS to tell you!

  14. Hi, Cayton. I had a great time visiting Grange Hall Elementary yesterday. I hope you enjoy reading my books. My silly cat Callie is sitting on my hands right now while I try to type. Happy Reading!

  15. i have a question:
    did you think about putting orangutangs in your book? they “eat their food twice”, meaning they eat their puke. i saw it at the zoo once. think about another gross book.

  16. Hi, Elena. Thanks for writing, and this is a great suggestion. I’ve been thinking that I may do a Gross Out! 2 book of some kind, and this would definitely make it in there. Happy Reading!

  17. Hi Ginjer.I think you should write a book about facts about hermit crabs.

  18. dear ginger I think your books are the best!
    I read all of your books there great! my favorite is cheetah cubs. also I like black out!

  19. dear ginger I think your books are the best!
    I read all of your books there great! my favorite is cheetah cubs. also I like black out!

  20. you came to loch lomond im the person who had afro in 2 and 3 grade

  21. I had a great time visiting your school. Happy Reading!

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