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Jellyfish are everywhere and are one of the Earth’s most fascinating animals. From the giant Nomura jellyfish in Japan, to the small but deadly kingslayer jellyfish in Australia, this book spotlights one of the world’s oldest and strangest animal groups.


  1. how is the immortal jellyfish immortal?

  2. Hi, Luke. You’re quick! I explained it completely in the book, but think of it like a butterfly that goes from being a caterpillar to a cocoon to a butterfly that lays eggs and starts all over again. Only the immortal jellyfish can go from an adult jellyfish back to the caterpillar-like stage over and over instead of dying. So they can be eaten by other animals, but they never die of old age since they can always start over. Pretty cool, right?! Thanks for writing to me, and happy reading to you. Ginjer Clarke

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